Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crochet Love: Knitty City

Ah, Knitty City. How I love you. Your yarns are beautiful and well-selected, you welcome crocheters, you hold crochet classes, and you are a stone's throw from both Central Park and the American Museum of Natural History. Your shop is cramped, but in an Aladdin's Cave kind of way, and your lighting is bright enough for people to see the real color of the yarns and threads you sell. You even have Brittany hooks, and you are willing to order anything a crocheter might desire. It's a good thing you don't have a cafe, or I would move in and sleep on the floor. Still, there are plenty of restaurants nearby where I can ply my hook in solitary splendor and rapture. Damn you, Knitty City- you've captured my heart.

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